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I was messing around a few days ago, looking at dog blogs, and came across Hamburger’s House. This is a blog with a lot of imagination, and worth the time to read, but what really caught my eye was a post about a no-kill shelter in Texas.  

Burger (the Chihuahua who writes the blog) told the story of the 2nd Chance Animal Shelter which is run by the CenTex Humane Society. Early in the morning on Sunday November 1 the shelter caught fire and 114 pets died from smoke inhalation. Burger’s blog was a call to action for volunteers to help clean and rebuild the shelter and for donations to help pay for the repairs. 

CenTex/2nd Chance is an Iams Home 4 the Holidays shelter, and when I told my buddy Kris about this (Kris oversees IH4tH) he thought we should try and do something to help. This week, Kris is in Austin Texas attending an animal welfare conference. Killeen, where 2nd Chance is located, is around 70 miles away from Austin, so Kris thought he would check things out.

Since the fire, staff and volunteers have been working every day to restore the shelter. Second Chance cannot reopen until it’s cleaned up and safe for people and pets.

Yesterday, Kris made the trip to 2nd Chance and presented the shelter with a check. He called me last night to tell me about it. Two things that stick in my mind about our phone call: Kris said that the shelter is very near to Fort Hood, and that there was a contingent of Army Specialists helping to get the shelter back on its feet. He also said that the volunteers were painting a mural of the pets who were lost in the fire, with a rainbow in the background. The healing has begun.

[Edit: 11/18/09 10;35 pm. Kris emailed me a photo of the mural, which I thought folks might like to see, so I’m adding it here.]

Remembering the ones who crossed over the Rainbow Bridge.

Remembering the ones who crossed over the Rainbow Bridge.

 A big THANKS! to Burger, who started it all for us. I’m so glad I saw his blog post. I’m so glad we’re able to help 2nd Chance. This is why I work where I do.

Walter, Kris, Elke (Shelter Director), Ginger, and Jim at 2nd Chance.

Walter, Kris, Elke, Ginger (Shelter Director), and Jim at 2nd Chance.

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