Blogger Outreach with P&G Pet Care

Do you have a blog?

Are you interested in joining P&G Pet Care’s blogger outreach program?

You can! Just follow the directions listed, and we’ll contact you regarding next steps on becoming part of our program.

Trust is a cornerstone of our corporate mission.   P&G is committed to maintaining your trust by protecting personal information we collect about you.  Read more about P&G Consumer Privacy.

Following this process makes certain that you, the consumer named, want to receive information that we can provide about P&G Pet Care.


1)      Copy and Paste the italicized text, below, into an email

2)      Please answer as many of the qualification questions as possible

3)      Send the email to

4)      You will receive a confirmation email when we receive your request


I am sending you this email because I want to receive the information that P&G Pet Care can provide about P&G brands, promotions, and partnerships. I understand that I am opting in to be placed on the P&G Pet Care Blogger Outreach Program and will only receive information regarding the P&G Pet Care Blogger Outreach Program.   I give permission for P&G and/or agents of P&G to contact me at the addresses listed below. I am over 18 years of age.  

By entering my name below I indicate that I have read and understood P&G’s Privacy Policy.

 Name:                                                 Date:

What is your snail mail address?

What is your email address?

Do you have a blog?

Please list your blog name and URL

What topics do you like to write about?

Do you participate in any forums? Please include your user name.

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How many dogs do you have?

How many cats do you have?

Please list any other pets that share your life

What do you feed your dog?

What do you feed your cat?

What pages do you like to visit on Facebook?

Are you moderator on any Facebook communities?

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